Thursday, March 29, 2007


On Vancouver Island, sports fishers are calling for a cull on harbour seals because allegedly the animals are destroying spring Chinook salmon runs in the Puntledge River. In reality, pollution from various sources is damaging the river and poisoning the salmon. Killing seals is too easy a solution compared to the more difficult solution of saving the salmon environment. A seal cull would be cruel and unnecessary slaughter when human activities endanger not only the fish and seals but human life as well.

Monday, March 26, 2007


An Open Letter To The Family of John Edwards

I did not know my maternal grandmother because she died young of breast cancer. Another family member has had breast cancer but survived because of radiation treatment. Breast cancer is a shadow that hangs over all the females in our family from the eldest to the newly born. I salute John and Elizabeth's courageous decision to carry on with the presidential campaign and wish them the strength that their family will need in this time.



A coalition of evangelicals called the Families First on Immigration is trying to halt the right of citizenship by birth. In the 14th amendment to the Constitution, people who are born in the United States have immediate citizenship. The bill would not allow immigrants who are born in America to have automatic citizenship.

Well, yours truly knows a little bit about citizenship. Some of my ancestors were Native American. So it stands to reason that those, mostly of European descent, who are backing this policy ought to be the first ones to be tossed over the border. Especially,Manuel Miranda who is the head of Families First and who was born in Cuba.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This falls into the wrapping up of loose ends category and saying a farewell to a topic subject. There are some matters that have become stale for me and others, like Karla Homolka whom I have blogged in the past, have entered the realm of the yellow press. The topic of Rachel Corrie may have a certain fire and controversy to it in diverse circles but it has no pzang for me as a writer. I will not be blogging Rachel Corrie as much, if at all,because I have lost interest in the subject of the Middle East. I want to work on subjects of a more cultural or sociological framework.

Rachel Corrie Play in Seattle

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As you may have noticed, the site is looking a bit less ragged but not altogether there. I'm spiffying it up with graphics and doing housecleaning on some of the entries. If articles disappear, it was meant to be.
So, watch out for the dust bunnies and I'll see you soon.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Al Gore at the Oscars and his speech about the environment was endearing. Initially, the former VP seemed as if he didn't know that he should be there in front of all those "Hollywood types".I would have loved to know what was going through Gore's mind at the moment. He had a wonderful face,like a little boy on his birthday who had been hoping for the one special present and suddenly what he wished for was the first gift.

Nothing, however, could replace the gift that Al Gore has given the world as a statesman, a scientist, and an activist for the environment. His film and his persistence in sounding the alarm about our ailing planet will be a present to our and future generations.


Accck!I missed Alan Rickman's birthday on the twenty-first of February! That's what happens when you start a new job and are writing a second novel. Belated good wishes to one of the world's greatest actors.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Yes, I have been away too long doing other things like writing an unpublished novel and another blog. However, this came to my attention and I can't resist noting the item. It seems that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckebee thinks that the war in Iraq is the beginning of World War III. Then why is the rest of the world leaving Iraq as fast as they can pull troops? Britain is leaving that country. Japan departed last year. Several other countries including Denmark, South Korea, and Italy have gone or will go.

My question to Mike Huckebee is, if this is World War III in Iraq, where is the rest of the world? It is going to be awfully lonely for America in Iraq.