Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The NRA is sponsoring legislation in Georgia that will allow employees to keep guns in locked cars during business hours. The NRA has created similar legislation in Florida and the AFL-CIO backs the proposed law because the union organization thinks it is a matter of worker rights to keep what they want in their car. The AFL-CIO is in for a rude surprise when an employee pulls a gun out of the car and starts shooting. The union is forgetting about worker safety. Oh by the way... The proposed laws are stupid and have nothing to do with self-defence or property rights. Viewed with a logical mind, keeping a gun in a locked car during the day won't work if a fellow employee goes out to a car and gets a gun and then "goes postal". What are you going to do during an emergency situation, run out to your car and get it when you're being shot at or held hostage? Someone was definitely not thinking when they proposed this law. But that's the NRA for you, they don't think through logical situations.