Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Let it be known that Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
has won two bars of soap and bath oil,worth $20,
in the

Fox Hill Primary School raffle.

She also, according to news reports, has a rubber ducky with a crown that she floats in the bath.

Stay sweet, your Maj.

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Lordy, those Republican perverts keep my fingers busy...on the keyboard. The latest scandal is that John David R. Atchison, an associate attorney from the United States Justice Department, has been caught travelling to Detroit to solicit from a police officer posing as the mom who offered her five-year-old daughter for sex.

Yeepers... these are the guys who are supposed to keep children safe. With a nod toward traditional values, Atchison called himself "a family man" in the e-mails sent to the detective. The perp attorney was also the head of a sports organization in Florida. One worries about the children he coached. Especially when he arrives at the rendezvous with a doll and hoop earrings for the purported girl, and sexual materials such as petroleum jelly. Is this the type of person Alberto R. Gonzales hired after the prosecutor firings? Gack ...the sooner the whole sorry lot of the Bush administration is keel hauled out of the White House the better.

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