Monday, May 07, 2007


Two people were murdered in a shooting and the killer committed suicide in College Park, Orlando Florida. Timothy James Frechou, age 23, shot Alicia A. Arseneault, age 22, and her boyfriend Christopher Paul Levitt, age 29 before the killer returned home and shot himself.Mr. Levitt was a former resident of Leeds, Great Britain.

Alicia A. Arseneault was studying to be a nurse and was one of several woman in Florida who died through domestic violence.

New Hampshire: A student gunman wounded his roommate before killing himself. Keene State junior Michael Dyke wounded his roommate Jason Lillibridge before committing suicide with a rifle. Mr. Lillibridge is expected to make a full recovery.

NOTE: This is just a sample of what I have read today. There have been numerous shootings around America today: drivebys, and people who get in fights and take to guns.

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