Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Virginia Legislature recently voted against
S.B 109, legistlation that would have closed a loophole that allowed private sales without background checks at unregulated gun shows. The defeat came after the National Rifle Association and the Virginia Citizens' Defence League lobbied to torpedo the bill.

The defeat of the bill occurs after family members of students killed in the Virginia Tech Massacre staged a "die-in" on the lawn of the Virginia capitol to support S.B. 109. During the protest and support of the legistlation, pro-gun lobbyists heckled and taunted those who suffered the loss of their family and friends.

My sympathies are with those who supported closing the gun show loophole. I champion their cause not only for the common sense of requiring background checks on gun buyers and dealers but also for their civility. It is trashy to heckle and taunt someone whose family or friend was murdered in a horrible event such as happened at Virginia Tech. The NRA and the Virginia Citizens' Defence League are what is commonly referred to, regardless of skin colour, as "white trash" and "patterollers". Yes, those are loaded terms. The obscene behaviour of taunting someone whose family or friend has died in gun violence warrants harsh words of condemnation.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm away from blogging until early February.I have a paying gig writing web reviews. More on that when I return.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There is ballot proposition in Colorado and five other states that would define a fertilized egg as a human being with the full rights of a human being. Well, chickies, why not sue Starbucks for selling a abortificant because caffeine in coffee can cause miscarriage? That's the thought. Let's go on a pro-life rampage and burn down every coffee or tea shop in America to protect the unborn fertilized eggs. The church ladies will have to give up their freeze-dried coffee in tins after Sunday service. Destroy all the soft drink factories for the pre-born. No more Coca-Cola or Pepsi for women. Why stop there? No caffeine for men either. Every sperm is sacred.

Where's my torch and hammer?

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April 4, 1979 to January 22, 2008

Drugs are stupid.
Painkillers: oxycodone and hydrocodone.
Antihistamine: doxylamine
Sleeping Medication: temazepam
Anti-anxiety Drugs: diazepam and alprazolam

Screw the pharmaceutical companies.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


Sir Edmund Hillary is dead at the age of 88. The first man to climb Mount Everest, he called himself a "no-hoper at university". After his famous climb to the top, he raised and donated millions of dollars for the Sherpas to build clinics, schools, hospitals, roads, and bridges. A staunch conservationist, he badgered climbers into keeping Mount Everest clean from trash.

From nothing, a man who called himself "no great shakes at Auckland Grammar" [high school,]he made several mountains out of the molehill of his life. The world needs more people like Sir Hillary to inspire and challenge us to be greater in what we can do with the little that we think of ourselves.

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