Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am writing this greeting as a matter of perforce to the anniversary of Mr. Rickman's birth but I am less enchanted with the handsome one's career. Bottle Shock was a mistake and died a well deserved, boozy death. I can't remember it making it past the first week in the theatres. I show my biases. I don't drink alcohol and I consider each land jolt that moves California to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, from the battle between Thunderbird and Whale of Native People's mythology, a great blessing.

Rickman's next roles are a mixed lot. He is a randy professor in Noble Son which, from the reviews sounds less than dull, and the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. Ooooh... I am eagerly awaiting the latter. He can smoke my hookah anytime.

Er...where was I? I had to write the sentence about the Caterpillar three times over because I got somehow off track.

I think that Mr. Rickman needs a serious talk with his agent about suitable roles for his talents. How about Rochester in Jane Eyre. Or Branwell in a drama about the Bront√ęs ? These roles would be suited to his acting, not a prof chasing undergrads. A mashup, however, between Noble Son and Harry Potter has distinct possibilities. Maybe Hermione could change the old goat, well, into a chastened Bovidae.

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