Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do not support the March of Dimes.  Tear up their solicitations. This organization, with the stated mission of helping babies have healthy lives from birth, has pimped women and their children to big pharmaceutical companies.

The issue is that generic progesterone is a drug that can prevent preterm labor and a pharmacist can easily compound the drug for $10 to $20. However, it is now illegal to compound the drug because KV Pharmaceutical has created a drug, Makena, a label form of inexpensive progesterone and selling it for $1,500 per dose. Not only have they created an expensive drug but this company has locked in an exclusive right to distribute the preterm drug that makes compounding formulas of progesterone illegal.

The March of Dimes takes thousands of dollars from Ther-Rx Corporation, the distributing sector of KV Pharmaceutical and is actively promoting the drug on its website. While there have been some promises from Ther-Rx to help low-income women and the uninsured, this is a betrayal of women and their children from the March of Dimes that potential contributors should not forgive or support.

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