Saturday, August 16, 2008


I am an ovo-vegetarian but a PETA campaign that uses the stabbing murder of Tim McLean to promote their vegan agenda is disgusting. A shrimp dinner is almost tempting as a way to give the finger to an organization that has compared meat eating to the Holocaust and promotes itself on the brutal slaying of an innocent man.

I, unlike the PETA eejits, am a sensible vegetarian. I think that limiting one's intake of meat is more healthy for the cardiovascular system. However, I abhor the fluffy bunny crowd that equates animal life with human life. I am not ungrateful or ashamed of my First People (Native American and Native Canadian) ancestors who ate salmon and venison for their survival. The First People ate what they needed to eat to continue their lives. Extreme veganism is the ideology of the dietary spoiled who can drive to the local grocery store and buy their tofu dogs. If it was necessary for me to survive on meat then I would have no trouble sitting down to a meal.

PETA followers need to pull their heads out of their beansides and see how luxurious veganism is compared to those who had or who have so little in terms of sustenance.

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