Friday, March 13, 2009


In South Africa, men gang-rape and murder women for being lesbians. Last year, a group of men raped and stabbed to death footballer Eudy Simelane, an open lesbian. The men rape lesbians in the false belief that the forced sex will correct the women's orientation.

First, no one should be coerced into any manner of life that they were not born to follow. Being gay is a genetic predisposition, not a choice. It is not a condition that can be "cured" or remedied through terror. Homosexuality is within the weft of a person's DNA and RNA.

Secondly, why the hell is it anyone's damn business as to whether or not another person is gay? I think the phrase, "Don't you have anything better to do?" applies to homophobes that seek to impose heterosexuality on lesbians and gay men. Fundamentalist Christians et alius who harass and torture gays should, in sum, go take a piss and leave others to their own lives.

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This is more fun than wishing a Bonne FĂȘte ! to Alan Rickman. The actor certainly is the handsome one but he can't boot my laptop hard drive like my main Linux squeeze,Ubuntu. Sure, there have been the unsatisfactory flings with Microsoft software but I've said "Hasta La Vista" to everything Windows after too many relationship crashes and blue screens. I have had no regrets. The Linux distro, that was named after creator Linus Torvalds, offers a stable and low cost alternative to expensive and faulty Microsoft products during a downturn economy where businesses and people struggle to survive and do not need to pay blood money to Redmond. I'll stick with my 15-year-old penguin (45 in human years) who was born this day in 1994 and chosen as a mascot by Torvalds after a fairy penguin at the Australian zoo nibbled at him. Bon FĂȘte Linux!

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