Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The Louisiana Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty for child rape. The case in question is that of Patrick Kennedy, 42, who raped an 8-year-old relative as the girl sorted Girl Scout cookies in the basement of her New Orleans home. Kennedy later bragged about the rape to an acquaintance, saying that the innocent girl had "become a lady today".
The case now goes to the national Supreme Court.

I think it is appropriate for this perpetrator to get the death penalty. Rape is a lifelong devastation to the child victim. The death penalty for rape is the only acceptable closure for this malicious deed. None of this weeny New Age schlock about "forgiving the evildoer in one's heart so I can get on with my life" or, horrors of horrors, reconciliation with the perp and forgiveness. The death penalty is a very straightforward action and consequences discipline for the wrongdoing. Like many people, I've become tired of the pop psych nonsense promoted by far-left liberals. I am a rational moderate who abhors the touchy-feely fluff and emotionalistic idiocy that characterizes edge of the spectrum lefties. Sexual offenders usually aren't salvageable as human beings and one less rapist to worry about will make the world a better place.

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A Galveston man was arrested for burning his baby in a motel microwave. Joshua Mauldin is charged with felony child injury for harming his two-month-old daughter by punching her in the groin, placing her in a refrigerator, then a safe, and then setting her in the microwave. His wife, Eva Marie Mauldin, has blamed Satan, citing the Devil's desire to thwart her husband's ambitions to be a Christian minister for the man's abuse of the baby.

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Eva Marie Mauldin

Mrs. Mauldin has set up a web site on MySpace (ew...) to defend her husband.* Texas child protection officials plan to sever the parents' custody.

I think that "the Devil made me do it". is a lousy excuse. Satan doesn't exist. If the two-month-old were my child and someone had injured her, I'd be first in line to deball the perp. It is obvious that Christianity has given licence for the most horrible of crimes against children and yet the religion still continues to flourish. There is something pathologically wrong with a society that allows this injurious mythology to continue at the expense of innocent lives. It is a religion that does not promote personal responsibility and accountability.The Texas child protection services should cut parents' rights without any other consideration.

*NOTE: I went to MySpace (reporters do the dirty work so you don't have to, eecchh...) and searched for the Joshua Maudlin site but only found the wife's personal site, not the site to defend her husband.

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