Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I would gladly, as a vegetarian, like to see People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals go up in flames. The organization, which created such iron-deprived idiocy as comparing butchering animals for food with the Holocaust, has now capitalized on the Dr. George Tiller murder with the witless slogans of "Pro-Choice? Go Vegetarian." and "Pro-Life? Go Vegetarian."

Original, it ain't.

I honestly could run a better media campaign than those bunny-hugging losers which would be more appealing to a general audience. I would emphasize the health and ecological benefits of a vegie diet. Ya know, something that engages the intellect that PETA members so sorely lack.

PETA has outlived its usefulness for the vegetarian cause. The organization should be put away like the downer cow it has become.

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