Wednesday, March 11, 2009


..when you are the last three Blue Ducks in England.

Happy Blue Duck couple Ben and Jerry have formed a romantic bond in Arundel Wetland Centre in West Sussex. The male loving birds have ignored the advances of a female duck named Cherry who has preened, coaxed, and tried to show the lavender duo how to nest as straights without success. Cherry, despite rejection from both males, has settled into her own enclosure and seems to take no heed of the males' Boston marriage. The proprietors of the wetland centre have taken the unusual pairing with aplomb, calling the two male ducks "a lovely couple", but with some regret that there was not a last clutch of eggs.

Radio Free Canada respects the cosy pair but a few eggs would not hurt to save an endangered species. There are conservation efforts in New Zealand but these are the last British Blue Ducks. We would like to nudge Ben and Jerry, in this instant, to be 'turkey basters' (pretend Cherry is Nadja Suleman) who may afterward return to their preferred living arrangements.

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