Thursday, May 10, 2007


Tony Blair will resign on the twenty-eighth of June 2007. He will remain a member of Parliament until the next election. His colleague, Gordon Brown, is expected to win the Prime Minister role. Meanwhile the cash for honours investigation , where donors to the Blair's Labour Party sought access to the Prime Minister and tried to buy peerages,is still ongoing. Blair was not implicated in the scandal.
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DJ Paul Edge has a great site with powerful videos about war, peace and justice. Take a look.

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Okay, so some days are better than others. I was looking at my SiteMeter account and I want to thank the person in Australia who googled "christian idiot". It cheered me after a week of blogging gun deaths and the all the tragic lives gone without sense.

It was my old blog on a fundie who had tried to ban the boy wizard (we all know who he is and there needs no mention of his name) and it made it to number 4 of 1,550,000 on Google. It gave me much needed guffaws of laughter after watching a PBS show on the horrors of the Inquisition.

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