Monday, October 29, 2007


I am thinking of pulling the plug on RadioFreeCanada. I am burned out and cynical from trying to make it as a writer. I have been at the political commentary gig for two years and it hasn't translated into a paycheque. Friggin' doesn't matter if I get so many hits a week on the blog. I could do it for the love of it if I received comments. None of my audience bothers to write.

I find it hard as a writer to have the isolation. There is too much loneliness with not knowing if the readership gives a damn. If no one wrote but I still received a salary for my work, it might be meaningful. As it is, there is just me and the computer screen.

I have enjoyed writing this blog. The pleasure of writing is not enough if no one bothers to drop me a line and say they care. If you like reading this blog, please say "hi" once in a while.


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