Thursday, April 19, 2007


Arthur Mann, who killed Clara Riddles in the CNN Centre, is under indictment for her murder.The prosecutors are meeting with her family to decide whether or not to pursue the death penalty. Currently, Mann is still in the hospital recovering from a leg wound given when a security guard shot him.

Anthony LaCalamita is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Madeline Kafoury and assault with intent to murder in the wounding of Paul Riva and Alan Steinberg. Mr. Steinberg has come off the ventilator and has regained consciousness.

While the killing of Clara Riddles, Rebecca Griego, and Madeline Kafoury are terrible, I can almost not blog the Virgina Tech shootings. I know college students of the ages of the victims and it tears me apart emotionally. I know people who are going to college in a few years. It bothers me that no one caught Cho Seung-Hui's problems and intervened before he could kill so many people. It angers me that in America, with few exceptions, there has been no serious discussion about gun control in the press and from politicians. Wah, government officials feel your pain but they aren't going to do anything about it because they will tick off the NRA. Hillary Clinton hasn't said anything about gun control on her website. Barack Obama has not said anything. Nada from John Edwards. Only Denis Kucinich mentions it on his website but he has neither the funds nor the political clout to win a presidency.

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