Monday, May 18, 2009


Chairman of the National Republican Committee Michael Steele needs to keep up with the times. He has cited Christine Todd Whitman as a pro-choice Republican to emphasize that the GOP has a big tent. seems that the tent was not large enough. The enclosure must have been the polyester/cotton mix favoured by the church ladies to cover their tax write-off girth. The fabric is so easy to shrink during those waterboarding coffee klatches. The elephant's big top has experienced something of a squeeze and not the kind that your fundie minister might take with the choir boys. Christine Todd Whitman, like many who are disenchanted with the limited perimeters of a narrow-minded ideology, left the GOP in 2003 over Bush's laxness about pollution. She has challenged the GOP in two books about her experiences as a Republican and the wrong direction of the right.

Michael Steele and his lackadaisical handlers have lost their moral and political compasses.Modern leadership on current events is not about homosexuality and abortion. These are issues that are the sideshows to more important concerns. The economy is badly damaged. The Earth and all life on the planet is imperiled. The conservatives need a GPS for the GOP or the party will continue to shrivel and enfold on itself until the tent is nothing but a small and insignificant bivy sack.

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