Monday, April 16, 2007


As I sit here at my computer, I am sobbing at the the massacre that happened at Virginia Tech. A gunman has killed at least 31 people, then died from gun wounds bringing the toll to 33 people.There aren't adequate words to describe the terror that loose gun laws cause when anyone with a grudge, such as the Virginia gunman ( who may have been looking for his girlfriend) or Johnathon Rowan or Arthur Mann or Anthony LaCalamita III, can get a gun and use it for such devastating results. I hope the NRA is feeling pain at this moment for its stupid insistence that guns laws should be loosened. But it won't ever be the hurt and the loss and the horror that the surviving family members carry for the rest of their lives.

Update: The gunman killed himself

Update Two: April 17, 2007 The gunman used two 9-mm semi-automatic handguns to kill both the students at Virginia Tech and himself. Basically, a semi-automatic handgun is one that can fire bullet after bullet without much of an interval. The killer also had chained the students into Norris Hall and had extra ammunition in a vest.

I felt ill when I looked at videos that I found on the Internet of people at gun ranges who were using 9-mm semiautomatic handguns. There is no escape time and the students at Virginia Tech did not have any time to flee from a person who was using such a deadly weapon.

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