Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Constable Douglas Scott, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, of Brockville, Ontario was buried on Tuesday.

I can feel nothing but a sad tiredness when I watched his eulogy. Constable Scott's killer,
Pingwaktuk Kolola, was an intoxicated driver that the Scott had pulled over for impaired driving. The shooter brandished a gun but Constable Scott could not shoot back. The killer held a baby as a human shield. Rather than risk the child's life, Constable Scott decided to take the bullet.

Why is the world not as weary of pain as I am of blogging gun deaths, especially one as noble as that of Constable Douglas Allen Scott? If there was any word to be placed in a thesaurus as a synonym for "hero", it would have to be this young man's name. His RCMP hat won't be one that anyone could wear as honourably and as proud.

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