Saturday, September 01, 2007


The search is over for the Crandall Canyon miners. The owner of the mine plans to seal the mine to further mining.

The resident in chief, George W. Bush and Laura Bush have offered their condolences to the miners' families. Crocodile tears. What is needed, and it won't happen under a Republican government, is a complete ban on retreat mining. Retreat mining consists of pulling down coal pillars behind the miners to dig out the last shard of coal off the supports. Without this reform, coal mining will continue to be a dangerous --- and deadly --- occupation.

UPDATE: According to news reports, Utah American Energy, Inc. was operating the mining at the Crandell County Mine illegally, since they did not inform the Bureau of Land Management about the mine activities. Furthermore, UAE did not inform the Mine Safety and Health Administration about previous mountain collapses at the mine.

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