Friday, September 14, 2007


While RadioCanada does not advocate violence toward anyone, we cannot help but note the recent threats of Muslim terrorists against Madonna and Britney Spears. Muslim terrorists have threatened to execute the aforementioned faded pop stars because they tempt men to wickedness.

Hokay... obviously they have not seen the photos of a bald Britney Spears. Or seen stories about her failed comeback on MTV? I saw a Madonna video about a year ago and my first thought was that cellulite happens to the best of us. You could see the pock marks on the Material Girl's thighs. This is why the term "washed up" exists. If Muslim terrorists are serious about offing randy pop stars, can't they keep a little more current with their celebrities? Please. The tabloid stories about the two don't even,um,tittilate anymore.

Muslims who decry those like Spears and Madonna or Paris Hilton need only wait until the starlets trip over their own egos. Spears and Madonna are not indicative of sexual immorality but of intellectual sloth on the part of Western culture. Tabloids exist because people would rather not think about issues that are of importance. Like world poverty or a failed war in Iraq that creates destitution for thousands.
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