Wednesday, April 25, 2007


David C. Brinkerhoff, a New York state trooper was killed by Travis D. Trim. The suspect also shot Trooper Richard Mattson. Trim is suspected of shooting another officer,Trooper Matthew Gombosi, when the officer pulled the suspect over for a traffic stop . Gombosi was saved by his body armour. There is no word on the condition of Mattson.

David C. Brinkerhoff was a member of the Mobile Response Team and the second member of that team to die since September of last year.This horror comes after the shooting death two weeks ago of Utica police officer Thomas Lindsey. The police have arrested a suspect, Sammy Rivera. Lawmakers in New York are considering the death penalty for certain cases, including cop killers. Governor Eliot Spitzer is amiable to the suggestion.

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