Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Department of Veteran Affairs has authorized the pentacle as an official symbol for military memorial plaques. This comes after nine years of litigation from plaintiffs who had family members who either died in service to their country or whose family members had already served America in the military.

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The incumbents in Northwest Suburban High School District 214 in Illinois defeated Phyllis Schlafly backed challengers for control of the school board.Alva Kreutzer, Bill Dussling and Bob Zimmanck defeated Dennis Konczyk and Kenneth Frizane. Eagle Forum head Schlafly chose her candidates because one candidate is a church elder and the other is a church youth group leader, and for their anti-tax beliefs.

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David Howard Thurm killed manager Laura Schoellmann as she was attempting to save her co-workers at a Houston luxury apartment on Monday. He then killed himself. Thurm was facing eviction for loud noises in the apartment. He earlier shot the neighbour who made the complaint. The unidentified neighbour survived.

UPDATE: APRIL 25, 2007:
Two people were wounded in the Houston shooting where Laura Schoellmann bravely warned her co-workers before David Thurm, who left a suicide e-mail to his family, killed her with a revolver.

This is a tragedy not only because of Ms. Schoellmann's death but I may have found her name on a list of donors for Houston Hospice #6. If this is her, then she was indeed a good person whose life will be missed. If any of my readers can confirm this connection, please e-mail me (in my profile) so that I can add her good deeds to this blog.

UPDATE: APRIL 26, 2007:

One of the people wounded was Sarcalm Zevadia, husband of Israel's deputy consul general in Houston, Belaynesh Zevadia, who was not at home at the time of the shooting. The deputy consul general was not home at the time of the shooting. Although he was severely wounded, Mr. Zevadia is not in danger of dying.

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