Saturday, August 25, 2007


There will be no more holes drilled in the Crandall Canyon Mine. With the sixth hole showing no sign of life, or the oxygen levels to sustain life, this is the last attempt and papers have been filed to permanently seal the mine.

Meanwhile, seven people died in a coal mine gas explosion in Northern China
. This too, like the Crandall mine, was in a marginal dig that should not have been excavated.

181 people are still waiting for rescue,after a week, in a flooded mine in eastern China.

My religious preferences tend toward the agnostic, but I think it is appropriate to send out, in some shape or form to whatever god/desses exist , an angry wish for vengeance on the greedy bastards who run these mines and kill off workers like old rust parts. And send sorrow and hope for the families in their grief.

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