Friday, January 13, 2006


So school girl killer Karla Homolka is applying for a Canadian passport? Holmolka Applies for Canadian Passport

I think it is a pity that a judge has lifted the restrictions on her.  An inhumane and unrepentant monster of her ilk should not be free to move about as she pleases.  Homolka’s crimes were sufficient to forever bar her from the human species. The murders that she assisted in went far beyond the pale of rational society in any culture. If Homolka is able, and if she does travel, she will always be marked with the blood of her innocent victims. No civilized nation will gladly have such an obscenity cross their borders. Wherever Homolka may flee, there is no escaping the guilt indelibly marked on her history. There is no redemption, or future for Karla except as a hated and shunned fugitive. Radio Free certainly hopes that Homolka, in her quest for safe passage to other countries, will find only spat upon rejection and a lonely, friendless end.


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