Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Stephen Harper, although elected as PM, does not have a mandate.  He did poorly in urban areas such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. He faces a hostile Senate and has an agenda to cosy up to America that will be disastrous.

America is a country that is facing an emerging economic crisis. There are rising bankruptcy filings in the U.S., a huge national debt, and a large trade deficit.
In the country of my birth, the infrastructure is decaying because of a war that has cost billions in dollars and thousands of lives . The American health care system is privatised and leaves millions without health care. The country suffers from a tech deficit. The United States has been ranked twenty-eighth by the World Economic Forum in terms of its ability to tackle domestic and global environmental problems.

Following an American form of government would be disastrous for Canada. The peril for Stephan Harper, if he were to have close ties with the United States, would be to emulate President George Bush's sagging ratings, and have a short term as Prime Minister.  

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