Sunday, March 05, 2006


God is talking to Tony. At least that is what Prime Minister Blair has hinted in his recent interviews about Iraq and how he will be judged on his decisions regarding the conflict. Last year the PM said that history would judge him.

I think the term is called "grasping for straws" or to put it in Biblical language, he is messing with Leviticus 19:12, among other verses.

Personally, I would be worried about history because, once your mouth is shuttered by death, Clio the Muse of History is a harsh and fickle mistress.


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Mick"the"Sick said...

yes history will surely judge Tony Blair, but not the way he thinks he will be judged.

How do you think a British, EDUCATED, prime minister should be judged for supporting the dubious "C" grader Bush and his teams.

All England should shame Blair.