Thursday, April 12, 2007


I read in the Vancouver Sun,in a real newspaper, that Sam Zell who acquired the Tribune Corporation in March 2007, recently said“If all of the newspapers in America did not allow Google to steal their content, how profitable would Google be?”

Sheesh, talk about Sam Zell being an old fuddy-duddy with no understanding of the Internet or Google... Google is not just about news searches, it's a lifestyle. I can get RSS feeds in my personalised homepage and Google Reader, make spreadsheets and other documents, correspond with other people through e-mail, watch videos on YouTube, join Google groups, map routes and research local businesses through Google Maps, research public domain books in Google Books, check out other blogs in Blogger, post my own sites on Blogger, and research through Google Scholar. If I have left out anything on Google, then it is not through lack of attempt. I can't do all of the services that Google offers with a print newspaper. The Internet is not about news, it's about services like the tools I review on my other blog.In Linux. Ta!

The print news industry is outdated because paper and ink aren't flexible enough to keep on top of the latest. Newspapers aren't interactive for people and that will be print's downfall. Sam Zell bought the farm on his Tribune acquisition and Google is not to blame.

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