Friday, April 27, 2007


Neo-Nazi Kevin Alfred Strom has been charged with possession of child pornography. He is also charged with using the Internet for the purpose of obtaining sex from a ten-year-old girl. and witness tampering due to physical and mental intimidation of a witness.

However, Mr. Strom is not the only racist perp to be charged with indecencies toward children. Gordon Creal Young, former leader of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, was charged in January 2007 with forcing a fifteen-year-old girl to perform oral sex. In the same month, Matthew Downing a Boston activist and organizer with the National Vanguard white supremacist movement, was arrested for felony statutory rape of a fourteen-year-old girl.

I feel ill at these reports. Not only are white supremacists evil for their racism,they have shown how sick-minded they are with what they consider their own kind. A normal person does not hurt a child, of any ideological persuasion, in this manner. These crimes show that racism and child abuse are of the same monster:the need to control and manipulate people through injury and subjugation.

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