Saturday, May 05, 2007


The interview with Ms. Debbie turned out to be a bust for ABC News. There were no big names for Brian Ross to out and there was also tragedy in the show. One of those named in the court filings had hanged herself because she was about to go on trial for prostitution, irrespective of what was in Palfrey's telephone records. Furthermore, Mr. Ross exercised humane judgment by not naming a naval academy instructor who worked for Palfrey and who, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, would have faced court martial.

However, the commentary that I have made about the religious right and their ignoring the indiscretions of their own sect still are valid. If someone like Randall Tobias is on a call-girl telephone list (and one would have to be naive to think that some of those women did not go beyond just massage), and he is promoting chastity and fidelity with the approval of evangelicals, then there is something hypocritical about the Religious Right.

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