Saturday, October 06, 2007


The Religious Right just plops news stories into my computer.

The most notable article from the fundie camp is about Oral Roberts University.ORU president Richard Roberts,son of Oral, is caught up in a scandal that questions his use of university funds.

Allegedly, Roberts has misused donors funds to pay for swanky cars, a red Mercedes convertible for him and a Lexus SUV for his wife, Lindsay. He diverted funds for home remodelling, use of the university jet to give his daughter a trip to the Bahamas, and that the university maintains a stable of horses exclusively for the Roberts family. Richard Roberts says that he pays for all family expenses out of his own pocket. An audit is on track for ORU funds.

This would all be simply an accusation of financial impropriety but sex, as it usually does in Religious Right scandals, rears its ugly head. Allegations have been made that Lindsey Roberts suffers from oniomania, shopaholicism with a kink for underage boys. The allegations are that she had a maintenance worker fired to favour one of her underage boy toys for the job. One of those perhaps she text-messaged, at the cost of $800 a month, on cell-phones provided by the university.

Geez, where is God and how can I get my cut of that action? Not the underage boys. Ew. The cash. Being a humanist has not been very lucrative.The Roberts family allegedly gets hot tubs, wide-screen televisions, and fast Internet connections courtesy of the university. They get a private soda vending machine. Perhaps ---just maybe--- if I became a Bible thumping fundamentalist Christian, my revenue would pick up?

Try to sell that one to Focus on the Family in their present economic condition. FOF has laid off 30 people in Constituent Response Services and has reassigned 15 more. FOF has increased its revenue but inflation, the religiously impartial judgement of economics, has cut into the increase in the organization's budget. James Dobson and crew have felt the invisible hand, not of God, but the marketplace.

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