Saturday, September 20, 2008


Where have I been? I haven't give a presidential endorsement yet. Well, let's see.... I could come out for the McCain and Palin ticket but I would be condoning a candidate who had ties to criminal lobbying or who hired a religious wingnut for a VP pick. I could pick Obama who is a straight (but not narrow) arrow and his VP pick who has tons of foreign policy experience.

Hmm...I guess I will go for the Obama/Biden ticket. I think that Obama and Biden together have the intelligence, political savvy, experience, and humanity that is necessary to lead America . They are prudent in their beliefs, conservative in their finances, moderate in their personal behaviour, considerate to others (especially their spouses, unlike McCain who dumped his first marriage for a trophy wife), and responsible for their actions. Obama and Biden are the leaders that the United States needs to make the country once again respected in the world.
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