Tuesday, May 05, 2009


by the name of Clarence Thomas.

Obama, with the resignation of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, has the opportunity to appoint a judge to the highest court in the land.

There are only two words that will fit the position: Anita Hill.

Yeah, girlfriend, that would make Injustice Thomas turn a cold shade of grey underneath his honourable robes. The appointment of Ms. Hill, a woman that Thomas sexually harassed, would make the perv cross his legs in fear and quiver scared in his trousers. I, along with other feminists, would delight in making the bastard sweat for hurting a sistah. The knives are sharpened and we would all love to do a scheduled judicial Bobbit....

It's payback time against the conservative agenda. Let justice, with Obama's Supreme Court pick, roll down like thunder and let that Justice be named Anita Hill.

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one huming said...

Absoflippinlutely *perfect*!!! I shall send this far and wide!!!