Sunday, June 07, 2009


The Christian media is feeling the economic pinch. Several evangelical magazines have folded including Today's Christian Woman and Campus Life.

Welcome to the funeral. I do not feel sorry in the least that the conservative religious media has the same financial worries as us atheists, Pagans, feminists, gays, and liberals in the downturn. This should be a rude and long-time coming awakening for the evangelical set that what is important to their communities is not religion and lack thereof, or the "pre-born", or sexual orientation but the basic survival needs of food, clothing, and shelter. The Religious Right, in its hubric quest to take back America, has lost the country. There is no salvation for evangelicals, or for those of us who are "unsaved", but to regard the current difficulties as secular problems to be resolved without appeal to any deity and with rational concern for science-based goals. The Religious Right should put aside its piddling so-called moral agenda and pitch in to create a society without want and without fear.

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